GE has long been a trusted name in appliances, but few people outside of the medical world realize the extent to which the brand makes its mark in health care. In addition to MRI machines, ventilators, and other essential equipment, GE offers a wide range of anesthesia machines capable of meeting patients' unique needs. As is typical of GE equipment, these anesthesia machines are known for being highly reliable.

The manufacturer has built on over 100 years of success in anesthesia delivery to form a strong system capable of delivering exceptional patient outcomes. Health care facilities can select specific models based on available space and the desire for GE's cutting-edge technology. A few of the manufacturer's top options include the following:

  • Aisys CS2
  • Avance CS²
  • Carestation 620
  • Carestation 650
  • Carestation 650c

Several of GE's most popular anesthesia machines come equipped with 15-inch touchscreen displays featuring easy-to-navigate user interfaces capable of significantly streamlining workflow. Furthermore, an optional ecoFLOW feature can be added to graphically represent anesthetic agent use and oxygen flow. Machines with this unique feature can be adjusted for oxygen flow based on information offered through the ecoFLOW display.

Different sizes are available to ensure that anesthesia machines fit perfectly into a variety of environments. GE's Carestation models, for example, are highly compact. Some can easily be mounted to the wall, allowing them to serve patients occupying induction rooms or other cramped areas in which floor space is limited.

Regardless of specific model selection, health care facilities that opt for GE anesthesia machines can take solace in knowing that patients will be appropriately cared for, while medical professionals will be empowered to provide the best possible care.

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