Committed to an ambitious vision of providing "better health care for all," Mindray manufactures a variety of medical and veterinary devices. These include not only anesthesia machines and accessories, but also ultrasound and imaging equipment, hematology analyzers, telemetry transmitters, and even vet parameter modules.

If you're currently focused on anesthesia machines, you will be impressed by the many options available through Mindray. Ranging from basic to complex suite environments, Mindray offers every type of anesthesia delivery system today's hospitals and other health care facilities could possibly require.

The A-Series Advantage platform, in particular, provides a versatile array of options that allow health care professionals to meet the needs of a vast range of patients — including those who might otherwise be difficult to serve. From bariatric to neonatal services, all patients are ensured optimal care when offered anesthesia via Mindray devices.

Top Mindray machines and systems include:

  • A4 Anesthesia System
  • A5 Anesthesia System
  • A7 Advantage Workstation

Each available option comes with its own unique advantages, but all are built to ensure that both clinical and financial requirements are met. Mindray's ergonomic workstations are designed to accommodate a variety of spaces via various mounting modes and other configurations.

In addition to its highly regarded workstations, Mindray also manufactures maintenance-free anesthetic vaporizers that can be used with its A-series anesthesia systems. These anesthetic vaporizers abide by the same quality standards evident in Mindray's advanced anesthesia delivery systems.

Mindray is a trusted name in medical manufacturing — and you'll quickly discover why as you make the most of the company's top-rated anesthesia systems, workstations, and vaporizers.

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Our team of certified, OEM-trained staff brings over 30 years of experience to exceed the needs of each client we serve, and we invite to you learn why so many within the medical community continue to place their trust in us. For information or to schedule a consultation, get in touch by phone at 833-2-MANTIS or write to us in complete confidence through our website’s secured contact page.

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