Established in Oxford in 1943, Penlon boasts an impressive history in medical manufacturing. The company currently exports its high-quality products to hospitals and clinics located in dozens of countries, including China, Japan, and the United States. In addition to anesthesia machines and workstations, Penlon manufactures MRI machines and other essential equipment.

All Penlon machines are designed and manufactured in-house. This grants the company a significant edge over several of its competitors, which often rely on third parties to carry out a variety of assembly functions. When your facility invests in Penlon anesthesia machines, you can feel confident in the end product, as quality is guaranteed through every step of the manufacturing and assembly process.

The attention to detail evident in Penlon's manufacturing process is also apparent based on the advanced technology incorporated into a variety of the company's anesthesia workstation models. A range of ventilation modes are available, as is an optional anesthetic gas monitoring feature.

Penlon offers a wide array of anesthesia workstation models worth considering, including:

  • Prima 320
  • Prima 320 Advance
  • Prima 440
  • Prima 450
  • Prima 460
  • Prima 465

There is a lot to love about Penlon's line of Prima anesthesia machines. Reliable, efficient, and equipped with cutting-edge medical technology, these workstations provide a range of functions designed to ease health care workflows and ensure exceptional patient outcomes.

When properly serviced and maintained, these devices offer the full range of resources needed to ensure quality care throughout the entirety of the patient experience. Equipped with Penlon machines, you will quickly realize why this name is so trusted in the medical manufacturing industry.

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